Preparing for Good Friday

Dear FCBC family,

As we prepare for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, it is a new experience to do so in the midst of our stay at home orders. As an attempt to work with the situation at hand, we will need to do more of our celebration for these events in our own homes. We can do some thing together through the livestream, but especially for Good Friday, we are asking you to participate in leading it also in your own homes!

First, we encourage individuals and families to read through Jesus’ last week on earth during their devotions this week. If you were to pick the book of Luke as the gospel you want to read through, that would begin in Luke 19 and go through to Luke 24.

Secondly, we will have a livestreamed service this Friday night at 7:30. It will be combined for all 3 languages through our church website.

Thirdly, a few items will help in experiencing this service together. For families, I encourage parents to take the lead also in preparing a few items for the whole family to experience this together:

  1. Juice and crackers to eat and drink when we read about the Last Supper.
  2. Be ready to sit in darkness and silence as we think about the Gethsemane passage
  3. A bowl of water to wash our hands with after reading the passage with Pilate washing his hands after condemning Jesus.
  4. Ready to lead in prayer in confessing sin and thanking God for the cross after the last scene of Jesus’ death on the cross.
  5. Each person/family please have a Bible ready for meditation.

If your family is not present, and you are joining us by yourself with the livestream, then a journal might be helpful as you meditate on the scenes rather than discussing it with those in your family (who may not be Christian).

Blessings and looking forward to join you this upcoming Good Friday and Resurrection