FCBC-FV Reopening Update - Jan 9

Brothers & Sisters 各位弟兄姊妹,
Thank you for your understanding after Sunday School classes were suspended last week. We prayed that you still had a worshipful and blessed time live streaming and Zooming from home. 
感謝你們體諒上週要停止實體主日學班. 求主祝福你們仍在線上有好的崇拜和學習.
Next Sunday, January 9 下主日, 一月九日:

  • After a prayerful and informed discussion last night, the task force decided to reopen the campus for all classes and worship services (including children's worship).

經過禱告和商討後, 工作隊決定重開教會來崇拜及所有主日學班(包括兒童崇拜).

  • However, we recognize that conditions are not ideal, and that some families are even dealing with illnesses. So, we understand that a number of you may not be ready or able to return this week...and that's OK. You will have online options for Sunday School classes and worship.

但是, 我們明白情況不是很理想, 有些家庭在面對生病. 我們了解你們一些人還未打算本主日回來…是沒有問題的. 你仍可在線上參加主日學和崇拜.

  • There may also be some teachers who are not able to return yet, so we ask for your patience as we determine which classes will open. You will receive a follow up announcement tomorrow morning with more information about the schedule of classes.

可能有些老師仍未能回來, 請暫且忍耐, 讓我們作出決定那些班會重開. 明天早上會送出佈告有關各班的安排.

  • Communion will be served this Sunday in sealed cups. If you will be at home, please pick up a communion cup from a pastor at the office during normal office hours (call Dian to confirm).

本主日守聖餐用套裝的餅和杯. 在家中崇拜的, 請在本週內辦公時間到教會先行領取 (請先聯絡Dian)

  • Unfortunately, no lunch will be served. We hope to resume this very important part of church life soon!

不幸的, 我們仍不能供應午餐, 希望能盡快恢復!

Reminders 溫馨提示:

  • For those who have tested positive for COVID (or share a home with someone who has), please quarantine for 10 days from the day of your test. So, if you tested positive on any day in 2022, we respectfully ask you to join us online from home on Sunday. 

如測試呈陽性(或是家中同住的人), 請自我隔離10天, 由做測試那天起計算.如果本年內你受感染, 請主日在家參加線上聚會.

  • Also, if you have cold/flu symptoms, or are waiting for testing results, please join us online.

如你有感冒徵狀, 或在等測試結果, 請上線聚會.

  • And please wear a hospital mask, rather than a cloth/fashion mask.

請戴醫療用口罩, 更具保護性.

Wednesday and Friday nights 週三及週五晚:

  1. Prayer meeting 7:30pm tonight (and officers' meeting) will be open for in-person and also Zoom.

晚上七時半禱告會及教會同工會仍在教會實體舉行, 亦可用Zoom.

  1. Friday evening meetings (AWANA, AOK, ROCK, Mandarin Young Adults, etc.) on campus will be closed and offered only online.

週五晚聚會(AWANA, 青少年團契, 大學生團契, 國語青成年等) 只在線上聚會.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and praying. The Lord is good.
謝謝你們閱讀及禱告, 明天再續. 主是美善.

With Much Love and Blessings in Christ, 
Pastor Godfrey