2018 Family Camp

June 29 - July 2, Friday - Monday

at Murietta Hot Springs Conference Center


For medical assistance, contact camp doctor: Dr. Peter Fung – (562) 658-9514.

For medical emergency, notify FCBC leadership immediately, request 911 services or notify any MHS staff.

For shuttle service at camp, contact brother Chi Ming – (949) 232-9969.



Christmas is called “the most wonderful time of the year” in that famous song. But, it only comes around once a year...can there be other wonderful times during the remaining 11 months? Well, at least for our church, I think June-July is also a “most wonderful time.” I love Family Camp...church retreats in general are at the top of my favorite events in the church calendar. They have been since my youth.

However, I realize that there may be some who don’t necessarily “love” Family Camp...that it can be a bit uncomfortable being around so many people for 72 consecutive hours. Self-described “introverts” can find the camp environment to be more tiring than relaxing. For others, especially those who volunteered to serve, Family Camp can feel like a working vacation...with many responsibilities and to-do’s on the list. For parents with young children, Family Camp can add on a layer of stress that wouldn’t exist at home.

So, what’s the answer to making Family Camp (and just living as a part of the body of Christ, in general) meaningful, refreshing, rewarding and motivating? How can we overcome those barriers—whether they be personal, social, or psychological—that prevent us from seeing our place and time among the Church family as a true blessing?

I believe the answer is in remembering what we’re all about—our purpose and mission as a follower of Jesus and as a member of His body—the Church.

Almost exactly a year ago (as I write this), church leaders and interested members gathered together with our regional Southern Baptist director of mission, Dr. Michael Proud (who also spoke at Family Camp a few years ago), to wrestle with this foundational concept as part of our Transformational Church study:

  • What is our church all about?
  • What is the mission of FCBC-FV?
  • What do we envision our church becoming?

After hours of discussion and prayer, the answers and conclusions came back to the basics that most of us already knew. The mission of FCBC-FV is quite simple. Not simplistic, but simple enough that even the youngest students of the Bible can comprehend it. Our mission revolves around two central teachings of Jesus, one of which He called the “Greatest Commandment” and the other which the Church has entitled “The Great Commission”:

  1. Love (Matthew 22:36-40)

  2. Disciple-making (Matthew 28:18-20)

We boiled down these fundamental ideas into an FCBC-FV mission statement:

Loving God, Loving People, Making Jesus Know.

Slogans don’t make a church “Transformational” but knowing our mission is a necessary starting point. This church year and this Family Camp are dedicated to taking the steps to realizing this mission statement.

Dr. Proud’s Transformational Church report came back to us with three recommendations: one short-term, a medium-term and a long-term.

  • The short-term goal was simple but profound: develop a culture of spontaneous prayer. Members ought to pray with and over each other at any time, in any place — even over the phone or internet. We should NOT be shocked to see people huddled in prayer together! It ought to be a normal part of church life.

  • (The medium-term recommendation was developing a strategy for discipleship and evangelism. The long-term was to envision FCBC’s place in Fountain Valley and to prepare for the demographic changes and challenges that lie ahead.)

So, here’s an idea for camp: try to pray spontaneously at least once at camp with someone. Spontaneous means it’s not pre-planned, so your closing prayer during small groups— while very valuable and important—does not count! But to even get to the point of praying spontaneously will require a level of “fellowship” that perhaps we’re not accustomed to...where we let down our “shame-guards” and open ourselves for another to support us. You might find it a surprise to read that even the great Apostle Paul requested support: “Pray for me” (Ephesians 6:19).

Going back to our mission statement and making the most of this weekend at Family Camp...may I also challenge you to another spontaneous prayer? This prayer can be with someone else too, but let it begin with you praying it alone. It’s a spontaneous prayer of our (your) mission statement. It’s a prayer of obedience to Jesus’ great commandment and commission. Throughout this camp—when you’re going to meals, to worship time, to small groups, to your room and even to recreation, pray something like this:

God, show me how to love You more, to love others more, and to make Jesus known.

Yes, I know if you plan to pray it, it’s not really “spontaneous.” So call it “planned spontaneity!” Utter this prayer throughout the day wherever you are. And see how the Lord will answer that prayer specifically. I know it’s a prayer He desires to hear, so I know He will answer you. Will you obey and trust the Lord? I’m confident that even you who are most stressed or uncomfortable in Family Camp will go home blessed as you obey. Who knows? You might be singing a modified version of that old Christmas tune:

It's the most wonderful time of the year The kids going swimming
And everyone singing,
Spontaneous prayer...
It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the hap-happiest weekend around With the registrars greetings,
The worship and meetings
In hot springs we lounge
It's the hap-happiest season around.

Pastor Godfrey

Camp Rules


  • Make the most of every opportunity to glorify God and bless your fellow brother/sister here at camp. 

Dress Policy 

  • “Comfort with modesty” (no bare shoulders, backs or midriffs; no short shorts or skirts) 

Campground Environment 

  • Safety first! Supervise and know where your kids are at all times. 
  • If you damage camp property, you (or your parents) are responsible. 
  • No candles, oil lamps, or open flames. No fireworks, explosives. No skate boarding/roller-skating/roller-blading. 
  • Prohibited: profanity, abusive or inconsiderate language, use or possession of tobacco and alcohol products, lewd or pornographic materials or publications. 

Lodging Areas 

  • Respect lodging areas. Keep noise to a minimum. Curfew is 11:00 p.m; enjoy your cabin time in your apartments. Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. 
  • Youth must avoid opposite gender quarters. 

Electrical Devices 

  • Cell phones and pagers must be on silent (vibrate) mode or turned off during worship and general meetings. Why not try something crazy and turn off your phone altogether! 
  • No smartphone/iPad/laptop use (for games, surfing web, social media, music, etc.) except for urgent phone calls/texts, ministry/camp admin and for Bible app. 

Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center Rules 

  • No drinks or food in private rooms, except for water bottles. 
  • No aerobic exercise, massages, facials, makeup demos. 
  • No secular movies/music. 
  • No illegal substances, gambling or disruptive activities. 
  • Modest clothing


English Speaker - Pastor Greg Yee

Greg Yee, was born and raised in Oakland, California and currently serves as the superintendent of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church overseeing 78 churches and 250 pastors. He met Mary, his wife of 27 years, at the University of California, Davis where he studied Human Development. After his pastoral training at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he planted Parkwood Community, as well as served as interim pastor of Glen Ellyn Covenant Church in the Chicago area. He went on to be the founding pastor of New Gen, a ministry to second-generation Southeast Asians in Sacramento, California. Before moving to Seattle, Washington he served as associate superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference. There he served in the areas of pastoral care, multi-ethnic ministries, and congregational development. Greg and Mary have three children, Jordan (22), Erin (17), and Caden (12). Greg enjoys basketball, the outdoors, and eating good food with good friends.

Chinese Speaker - Pastor Benny Wong

Benny Wong (B. Th. Prairie Bible College; M. Div. China Evangelical Seminary; D. Min. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Senior Pastor of First Chinese Baptist Church Los Angeles. His life goal is to bring as many people as possible to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and help them to become true disciples of Him. He feels honored to be serving with many godly and sacrificial leaders in FCBC and he is married to Julia who is also called to the ministry. He enjoys meeting with people, learning new things, sports, music and his way to deal with stress is to play the violin!

Youth Speaker - Pastor Alex Chen

Alex was born and raised in Southern California, with a brief stint in Taiwan (which he loved!) God gave him a Christian home and church to be raised in, but his faith only increased as he learned and relearned the gospel of God’s amazing grace over many years. After graduating from Biola, Alex spent about 10 years in youth ministry, teaching the Bible and trying to keep up with the latest memes. Alex is a huge sports fan, possibly the biggest one you will ever meet. He also loves eating Chick-fil-A.

Children's Speaker - Auntie Lois Sherwin

Passionate about connecting kids with Christ who loves them so completely, and helping parents as they raise their kids to know and love Jesus, Lois is blessed to serve at Grace Community Seal Beach as Director of Children’s Ministries. Lois is happily married to Dr. Nick Sherwin, a business professor at Biola University. They have two children Jennifer and Nick Jr. a beautiful Daughter in love, Meghan, and two bonus granddaughters, Lillie and Eva. Lois loves learning and earned two Masters, one in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Talbot School of Theology. Lois also leads a care team for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013. When not serving, Lois enjoys reading, baking, walking, bike riding, scuba diving, and travel!

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