Updated COVID guidelines @ FCBC-FV


Brothers and Sisters,
Thank God for the continuous good news on COVID-19 since the peak last winter: (1) the decline of cases; (2) the CDC's removal of mask mandates for vaccinated people; and (3) the "official reopening" of the state of California.

As a church, we rejoice with and are tracking the good news! Here are the latest guidelines for FCBC:

Masks & Social Distancing:


  1. For the rest of June, we ask that you continue to wear masks indoors in worship and the classrooms, while they are optional outdoors. 
  2. Beginning in July, masks for adults and teens will be optional (indoors or out) for those fully vaccinated more than two weeks prior.
  3. Those not yet vaccinated should continue to wear a mask.
  4. For school-aged children, masks will still be required indoors, in keeping with school guidelines.
  5. Social Distancing is no longer necessary.
  6. Overflow rooms during worship services will no longer be available starting in September.

Zoom & Live Streaming:

  1. Worship services will continued to be live streamed.
  2. Business and prayer meetings will continue to be available on Zoom.
  3. Sunday Schoolfellowship meetings and small groups:
    1. Teachers and leaders, please encourage students to return so you can remove the Zoom option.
    2. For those who are unable to return (e.g. the elderly, immuno-compromised), please continue to make Zoom available.
    3. If your meetings have always been on Zoom, continue as before.


  1. Refreshments and lunch are OK!
  2. Please have designated servers wearing masks and gloves, instead of leaving food open for people to serve themselves. (COVID is not transmitted through food, so this guideline is just about good sanitation practices!)
  3. Alternatively, have individually wrapped food items that people can serve themselves.


  1. Beginning July 4, the Lord's Supper will resume being served by deacons from common plates as before, but with modifications: Instead of passing the plates down each row, worshipers will come forward to the front where deacons will serve each person a cup and bread with gloved hands, 
  2. Worshipers have the option of bringing their own sealed cup/bread, as before, and can stay seated during the serving. See a deacon if you need to resupply.
  3. If you are at home, contact a deacon for a resupply of communion cups (or call the office).

Sickness: As before, please stay home if you have symptoms of sickness, such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat and fever.

Family Retreat (August 7-9)

  1. As of now, the above guidelines will apply at family retreat also.
  2. For sleeping arrangements between non-family members (e.g. youth cabins), please note that masks will not be required nor are they advised for sleeping. Consult with registrars and potential roommates if you have any concerns.

Again, thank you for showing consideration and grace to one another, knowing that there are differing degrees of comfort level, risk tolerance, and circumstances. Let us be patient with our brothers and sisters and not take advantage of our freedom that would cause another to stumble.

Looking forward to seeing your smile! :) 

P. Godfrey

感謝神自去年冬季最差的日子以來, 新冠疫情不斷有好消息: (1) 個案減少; (2) CDC 認為接受了疫苗的人可以不用戴口罩及; (3) 加州 "正式重開放".

作為教會, 我們很歡喜, 追蹤著新消息! 以下是本會的最新指引:


  1. 六月, 仍請你們繼續戴口罩在室內敬拜和上課, 戶外可自行決定. 
  2. 七月開始, 對已接受了疫苗多過兩星期的人, 成人及青少年可選擇戴或不戴口罩 (室內或戶外) .
  3. 如仍 未接受疫苗者, 應繼續戴口罩.
  4. 就學兒童, 室內仍需戴口罩, 依從學校指引.
  5. 社交距離 不需保持.
  6. 為崇拜而設以疏導人滿的房間將在九月取消.

Zoom & 直播:

  1. 主日崇拜 仍繼續直播.
  2. 季會與 禱告會 仍可以用 Zoom.
  3. 主日學團契聚會 及小組:
    1. 老師及領袖請鼓勵學生回來, 可取消用 Zoom.
    2. 不能回來聚會的人 (如長者, 免疫功能低), 請繼續使用 Zoom.
    3. 如你的聚會一向是用 Zoom, 可繼續使用如前.


  1. 可以進食點心與午餐!
  2. 請幾位作分派食物, 需戴口罩和手套, 不要容許各人自己取食物. (新冠肺炎不是藉食物傳播; 指引為符合食物衛生)
  3. 其他方法, 獨立個別包裝的食物, 各人自取.


  1. 七月四日開始, 執事恢復分派聖餐如前, 但有一些修改: 不把聖餐盆子每行傳遞, 守聖餐者走至臺前由執事戴上手套遞上餅和杯, 
  2. 你可以自備餅和杯, 像以前的模樣, 可以留在座位.
  3. 如你留在家中敬拜, 需聖餐餅和杯, 請與任何執事聯絡.

生病: 如常一樣, 請留在家中如你有以下症狀: 咳嗽, 打噴嚏, 喉嚨痛 及發燒.

家庭退修會 (8月 7-9日)

  1. 至現時為止, 需依以上指引.
  2. 安排 非家人在同一房間住宿 (如青少年宿舍), 不需戴口罩也不適宜戴口罩睡覺. 如有問題, 可咨詢報名處或建議合適室友.

再次, 感謝你們彼此間顯示為別人著想及恩慈, 知道不同人有不同的安舒程度, 忍受風險和情況. 我們要彼此忍耐不要濫用自由而使別人跌倒.

期待看到你的笑容! :)